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Who can source Workomen LLC

  • If you are a staffing, consulting, and related organization exclusively dependent on recruitment; if you need to scale recruitment efforts up speedily

  • If you are looking for IT recruiters, permanent staffing recruiters, contract staffing recruiters, VMS recruiters, as part of your team expansion, thereby cutting on additional costs.

What is Incorporated in Workomen services

  • Dedicated experienced personnel and the required infrastructure to function

  • Access to job boards such as Dice, CareerBuilder, Monster, etc. including related databases

  • Team of virtual offshore Workomen recruiters, job search agents, business development managers, and sourcers who work from recruitment centers in India. The team has the expertise and experience needed to quickly increase the efficiency of your recruiting department

  • Your recruiting costs get dramatically reduced

How do we pay for your services?

  • We accept payments through Bank Wire Transfers or PAYPAL or credit cards.

Instead of using in-house team, why should I source Workomen LLC

  • We, Workomen LLC, are an offshore recruitment outsourcing provider. Availing our services, you can improve efficiency and effectiveness of your existing onsite team in talent acquisition. Our virtual offshore recruiters team up with your onsite team to deliver results. You can leverage our talent based on your specific needs, which is facilitated by our scalability in experienced recruitment resources. You get value-added services and save costs significantly. Overall efficiency gets improved dramatically. A more consistent recruiting process is ensured centralizing the recruitment function.

Will you sign a non disclosure agreement?

  • At Workomen, we are committed to protect your privacy. We do sign a non-disclosure agreement when you sign a contract with us

Do I need to pay any startup or maintenance costs or taxes?

  • No start up or maintenance costs are charged. No taxes are levied. We do not charge any hidden or extra costs. What you pay is only a monthly fee as per the contract signed between us.

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